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Craftronics - Five Nights


The friendlies Craftronics, have turned into murderous machines, after a virus infected their chips, changing its AI. To survive, you must to check the cameras, and close the doors, before they catch you; for five nights until the new chips arrive! Be careful with the dog!--------------------------------CRAFTRONICS:
The killer rabbit, as: LULO.The grumpy bear, as MIRKO.The rooster, with sharp beak, as: KLAUDIUS.The most terrible dog in the world, as: ROCO.
LULO, MIRKO, KLAUDIUS and ROCO: they will be the worst nightmares!!!
GAME RULES:Rule 1: Surviving for 5 nights until 6am, checking cameras and closing the doors.Rule 2: The battery power is consumed (with the use of cameras, lights and doors closed).Rule 3: You need to close the door in the room where the dog is (number 13). If the dog gets through the other side of the door, you will die in seconds, maybe minutes (fear?).Rule 4: You must explore the cameras and quickly return to your room to not consume much energy. To do this, click on the "x" that says "You".Rule 5: When Craftronics are near your room, always check the doors, turn on and off lights. When you see a Craftronic just close the door a few seconds.Rule 6: Craftronics attack at different times from the door of your room.Rule 7: You have to be calm, and think that your efforts will allow Craftronics have new chips, after five nights. Good Luck.